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At RumbaTours, we specialize in customizing our fleet of open-air party buses for a variety of marketing and event needs. Renowned brands like the Miami Heat, Dolphins, Marlins, Nike, IMAX, LANVIN, and Red Bull have leveraged our services to create unique, engaging experiences for festivals, parades, and experiential marketing campaigns. Discover how we've helped these partners amplify their events and activations with our innovative transport solutions.

Dolphins Dancers onboard a Rumbatours Miami Open Air Party bus during 305 day parade

RumbaTours has proudly collaborated with the Miami Dolphins on multiple occasions, enhancing their community presence and fan engagement. Our open-air buses have featured prominently in several events, including the vibrant 305 Day Parade. For this celebration, Dolphins cheerleaders captivated the crowd from atop our bus as it cruised down 8th Street, showcasing our vehicle's perfect suitability for parades thanks to its open-air design. Additionally, we've been a staple at numerous tailgating events, providing a dynamic and flexible setting for fans to enjoy pre-game festivities. These collaborations highlight our buses' versatility and the enhanced visibility they offer, making them ideal for public celebrations and fan gatherings.

RumbaTours was at the heart of Nike's pre-Marathon events across Miami, featuring our bus on multiple Saturdays leading up to the Miami Marathon. Nike transformed our bus into a mobile hub for their running sessions, complete with shoe try-ons and runner prep talks. Wrapped entirely in Nike’s dynamic branding, the bus served as both a beacon and guide for participants. It played a key role in raising brand awareness, parked strategically at various high-traffic locations to captivate the city's attention. On Marathon day, it stood proudly along the route, cheering on runners and celebrating their achievements. This collaboration was a showcase of RumbaTours' versatility and our contribution to an active community lifestyle.

Nike Open Air Party Bus in Miami from rumbatours miami during miami marathon

RumbaTours has proudly supported the Miami Heat's community outreach, turning up at the heart of local celebrations like the 3 Kings Parade, Pride Parade, and various victory parades. Our buses, sporting the team’s vibrant logos and colors, amplify the Heat's community spirit. In the lead-up to each event, we meticulously prep our vehicles, collaborating with the team's vendors to customize our buses to fit their unique event needs perfectly. Onboard, the Miami Heat dancers bring the energy, and we've had the pleasure of hosting Heat legends such as Udonis Haslem, Alonzo Mourning, and Mike Miller, making these rides true fan favorites. Each event is a testament to our shared commitment to creating memorable experiences for the Miami community.

RumbaTours has had the fantastic opportunity to join forces with the Miami Marlins, becoming a key player in their parades and promotional activations. Throughout the baseball season, one of our buses sported a full Marlins wrap, which not only showcased the team's branding and star players but also cleverly featured QR codes and links directing fans to ticket sales. It was like a mobile billboard cruising through Miami, drawing eyes and building excitement wherever it went. Beyond just advertising, our buses have been an integral part of the Marlins' live events, carrying their mascots and dancers and adding an extra layer of fun to every outing. This partnership highlights our shared dedication to fan engagement and our role in amplifying the Marlins' presence across the city.

Miami Heat open-air party bus joining the Miami Heat bandwagon during the NBA Finals 2023

RumbaTours had the thrilling opportunity to fast-track an activation for Starry, PepsiCo, and the Miami Heat during the NBA Finals, igniting the "Hop on the Miami Heat Bandwagon" campaign. With the Heat vying for the championship, Starry came on board with a creative vision to brand one of our buses with the Starry and Miami Heat logos, creating a buzz throughout the finals. The "Miami Heat Bandwagon" was not just a visual spectacle but also an exclusive ride for about 30 lucky fans who were treated to free tickets to the games. This high-energy activation brought together legends Alonzo Mourning, Mike Miller, and DJ Irie, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Heather Hoytink, President of the South Division at PepsiCo, commended this innovative collaboration, highlighting how it seamlessly aligned with the excitement of the NBA Finals and the community spirit of the Miami Heat.

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Are you ready to take your brand's presence to the streets of Miami? RumbaTours specializes in turning our fleet of open-air party buses into moving spectacles that captivate audiences and elevate brand experiences. Whether it's a parade, a festival, or a unique marketing campaign, we offer a vibrant platform for your brand's message.


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