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Partner with Us: Influencer Collaboration Program

Welcome Influencers!

At RumbaTours, we're excited about the possibilities of working with influencers! We believe in the power of collaboration and fresh ideas, which is why we've developed our Influencer Collaboration Program. This initiative is designed to exchange our unique open-air party bus experiences for your creative influence and content.

How it works

To ensure the highest quality collaborations and content, we've set up a process where all influencer partnerships are carefully planned and must go through an approval process. Each month, we allocate a specific number of tours for influencers, ensuring that each collaboration is tailored and impactful.​

Enjoyment and Content Creation

We understand the importance of both creating great content and enjoying the experience. To make this possible, we schedule separate days for content creation and for the actual influencer comped event. This approach allows influencers to fully immerse in and enjoy the tour without the distraction of content obligations on the same day.

Who We’re Looking For

We're on the hunt for dynamic Miami-based influencers who are passionate about showcasing the best of what Miami has to offer. Whether you're a vlogger who loves exploring new spots, a travel enthusiast who narrates captivating stories, a YouTuber creating detailed content, or an influencer who excels in engaging directly with your audience on camera, we would love to hear from you. If your content revolves around exciting activities and places in Miami, you could be the perfect fit for RumbaTours.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

Collaborating with RumbaTours isn’t just about one-time perks; it’s about building a lasting relationship that offers continuous benefits:

Tour Passes: Enjoy multiple tour passes per year — perfect for experiencing and sharing new offerings with your followers.
Affiliate Program: Earn a commission with a personalized affiliate link; receive a percentage of the sales generated through your content.
Creative Freedom: Our team values creativity and is open to your innovative ideas on how to showcase our tours, ensuring content that is as unique as your style.

Let’s Create Together: Join us in promoting the vibrant spirit of Miami through exciting and authentic storytelling. Apply now and let’s start a partnership that celebrates exploration and shared success.

Terms and Conditions for RumbaTours Influencer Collaboration Program

1. Eligibility

Applicants must be 18 years or older and have a significant following on one or more social media platforms.
Influencers must be based in or able to travel to Miami for the collaboration.
2. Agreement to Terms

By submitting an application, influencers agree to these Terms and Conditions.
3. Collaboration Approval

All collaboration requests are subject to approval by RumbaTours based on the influencer's alignment with our brand, audience engagement, and content quality.
RumbaTours reserves the right to reject any application without explanation.
4. Content Creation and Delivery

Influencers are required to deliver specific content as outlined in the application form within 3-5 days post-event or shoot.
Content must meet the quality standards set by RumbaTours and should be approved by RumbaTours before posting if specified.
5. Intellectual Property

All content created for the collaboration that features RumbaTours’ branding, images, or other intellectual property must be approved by RumbaTours.
RumbaTours retains the right to use any content produced during the collaboration for marketing purposes.
6. Compensation

Compensation will be in the form of services, experiences, or monetary payment as agreed upon prior to the collaboration.
7. Confidentiality

Influencers may receive information about RumbaTours that is considered confidential. This information must not be shared with third parties without explicit permission from RumbaTours.
8. Cancellation Policy

Both parties reserve the right to terminate the collaboration agreement with written notice. In the event of cancellation, any obligations regarding content delivery and compensation will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
9. Compliance and Conduct

Influencers are expected to conduct themselves professionally during their collaboration with RumbaTours. Any behavior deemed damaging to the RumbaTours brand may result in the termination of the collaboration.
10. Amendments

RumbaTours reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Influencers will be notified of any changes that may affect their collaboration.
11. Acceptance of Terms

By participating in the RumbaTours Influencer Collaboration Program, influencers indicate their full acceptance of these terms and any amendments.

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