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Sony Music's Miami Parade Float: RumbaTours' Open-Air Party Bus

Updated: May 20

Collage of images from the 2024 Pride Parade featuring RumbaTours Miami’s open-air party bus branded with Sony Music. Participants are holding a SONY banner, enjoying the parade, and interacting with the crowd. The bus is decorated with Sony Music branding and equipped with additional audio and a DJ.”

In a vibrant celebration of love and inclusivity, RumbaTours Miami had the honor of collaborating with Sony Music for the Pride Parade 2024. Our open-air party bus, decked out in Sony Music’s colorful branding, became a highlight of the parade, showcasing the versatility and excitement that RumbaTours brings to any event.

A Parade Float Alternative

When Sony Music approached us looking for an effective alternative to traditional parade floats, we knew our open-air party bus would be the perfect fit. Not only does it provide a dynamic platform for participants, but its open-air design ensures maximum visibility and interaction between those on the bus and the cheering crowds.

Branding and Customization

Our team worked closely with Sony Music to ensure their branding was prominently displayed. From custom wraps to additional rigged audio, we transformed our bus into a rolling representation of Sony Music’s vibrant spirit. The addition of a DJ added to the festive atmosphere, creating a mobile dance party that delighted everyone at the parade.

A Perfect Fit for Any Event

RumbaTours Miami isn’t just about parties and tours; our buses are a fantastic option for parades, festivals, and special events. The open-air design allows for an immersive experience where participants can fully engage with the crowd, making every event memorable.

Hear It From Sony

A participant from the Sony Music team shared their experience, saying, “The party bus is a great option for parades. The open-air design is fantastic because the people on the bus can see the crowd, and the crowd can see the people on the bus. It creates an amazing connection and energy.”

Make Your Event Stand Out

Whether you’re planning a parade, festival, or any special event, RumbaTours Miami offers a unique and exciting alternative to traditional floats. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your event unforgettable.


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